Class of 1969

PBI 1969 Staff and Students

The student list (below) does not correlate (at this stage) with the photo above. We hope you can put faces to names for us!


1st year

Leo Cox,  Barbara Davis,  Frank Dawes-Smith,  Jennifer Devlin,  Kimberley Flatman,  Janice Gallagher,  Norman Hall,  Kerry Hatch,  Wayne Herden,  Christopher Hewitt,  William Pickering,  Ian Standing,  Anne Terrell,  Lesley Toovey,  Jennifer Kierath

2nd year

Wayne Burns,  Jennifer Chamberlain,  Julia Curtis,  Winifred Devlin,  Christine Fraser,  Ian Fraser,  Julie Fry,  Lynette Gould,  Awelia Haebich,  Bronwyn Howie,  Jon Ismail, David Mack,  Audrey Manning,  Irene Roberts,  Coral Rowe,  John Smith,  Marlene Spiken,  Geoffrey Wager,  Dennis Watkins

If you were a student during this time, or know someone who was, we’d love to have your contributions. Either leave a comment below, or contact us.

4 responses to “1969”

  1. Lesley Fisher [Toovey] says:

    Hello,I was a student from 1968 to 1970,in 1971 I was the college cook for 6 months.I married Peter Fisher in July 71 and we spent the next 35 years farming.We helped start Baptist churches in Margaret River and Moora and re-start another in Corrigin.We had 3 daughters and now live in Perth close to our eldest.

    Some of your names above are is Leo Cox not Lea…Frank Dawe Smith,not Dawe Smith.

    • garthe says:

      Thanks Lesley, I have already corrected Frank Dawes-Smith because Kim Flatman sent me an email on the need to correct his name. I’ll also track down the Lea Cox and change it to Leo Cox!

  2. Kim Flatman says:

    Dawe Smith should be Frank Dawes-Smith
    You have the wrong photo for this year

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