PBI 1959 Staff and Students

Top row L to R
J Surianata; K Edwards; D Graham; Harry Searle; W Parmenter; PBI President A E Brown; Registrar J Giblett; Mrs Giblett; Principal Dr E G Gibson; E Mullins (Councillor); Mr Snowball (Councillor);                      ; P Bailey; J Lydon; B Jenner.
Second Row
PBI Cook: Mrs Jarick; G Samuel; A Prosser; B Pritchard;  M Hadlow; M Muir; V Keen; F Paterson; J Gwynn; J Hainsworth; I Wesley; A Pritchard; P Burvill.
Third Row
J Mulloy; P Durnin; M Loyd; D Smoker; J Smith; A Harris; S Allen; H Waldeck; E Bailey; M Conway; S Gaunt; R Ganzer; J Young
Fourth Row
M Snell; A Penn; F Holland; G Broooks; R Gwynther-Jones; G Thomas; R Bennett; J Lin; W Nash; W Grosser; G Houghton.
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