PBI 1962 Graduating Class and Staff


1st year

Gilbert Armstrong,  Evelyn Bayly,  Kevin Berston,  Joyce Bolton,  Brian Carter,  Kenneth Donker,  Amy Dusting,  Ronald Fiegert,  William Frost,  Maleolm King,  Sylvia Muir,  Joy Nutt,  Rae Plumb,  Warren Saunders,  Elsie Sims,  Mary Stanham,  Isabelle Summers,  Bruce Thornhill,  John Vigus

2nd year

Maureen Ambler,  Isabel Bailey,  Iania Berry,  John Bolton,  Balariee Burt,  George Burt,  Barry Fairhead,  Kathleen Farley,  Malcolm Francis,  Elizabeth Henderson,  George Kitson,  Helen Knight,  Malcolm McLevie,  Kevin Pittard,  Doreen Ritchie,  Lorna Sargeant,  Shirley Spence,  Lynette Spicer,  Rosemary Stone,  David Stuart,  Ruth Terrell

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