1st year

Judith Andrew,  Peter Birt,  David Bosma,  Ian Henderson,  Judith Hogg,  Ly Moua,  Christoper Maltison,  John Nicol,  Lois Polmear,  chester Wilson

2nd year

Bernard Bosma,  Lesley Dimond,  Gwendoline Hamence,  Eugere Howell,  Margaret Manning,  Clipford Mason,  Naomin Sagger,  Bethuyn Stone

3rd year

Nick De Garis,  Pauline Dimond,  Timothy Flewers,  Gloria Henderson,  Cherie Khoo,  Donald McNeil,  Ian Polmear,  Margaret Standing,  Joyce Stone,  Richard Young

If you were a student during this time, or know someone who was, we’d love to have your contributions. Either leave a comment below, or contact us.