Class of 1982


1st Year
Carey Lisbeth Burton, Jennie Crane, Rona Croucher, Kevin Downes, John Eaves, Bert Holtham, Bruce Ince, Althea Jolley, Gaye Jumeaux, Maree Kallenberg, Trynette Pestelle, Annette Pickens, Mark Proud, Tony Rolt, Stephen Small, WendyTupper & Garry Williams.

2nd Year
Laurence Ahearn, John Crosby, Gary Devereaux, Rosemary Diprose, Geoffrey Murray, Penny Nunn, Miriam Prins & Craig Rodger.

3rd Year
Brenda Jones, Ivan Kippin, Steven Mole, Deborah Pye, Stephen Russell, Andrea Sharpe, Joseph van Baren, Gordon Webster & Susan Wilson.

4th Year
Jennifer Richardson

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