Class of 1984

1st Year Students 1984


1st Year
Susan Archer, Cathy Atkinson, Susan Bennett, Cathy Bowers, Sandra Downes, Donna Riseley, Stephen Boon, David Bracegirdle, Kevin Conway, David Cox, Wayne Crow, Andrew McKenzie, John O’Sullivan, William Prior, Brendan Quartermaine, Tony Sands, Don Thompson & David Kaye.

2nd Year
Peter Altmann, Rohan Burcham, Ian Dusting, David Kitching, Paul Janz, Diane Lucas, Peter McCall, Kerri McLernon, Robert Plenderleith, Steven Taylor & Kathy Williams (nee McIntosh).

3rd Year
Maree Kallenberg, Annette Pickens, John Eaves, Bruce Ince, Mark Proud, Tony Rolt & Gary Williams.

4th Year
Miriam Prins

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