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L to R Back Row
Ian Dusting, Anthony Sands, Andrew McKenzie, David Kaye, Christer Lindee, Steve Boon, Mark Heinrick.
L to R Third Row
Annette Easterbrook, Jillian Shenk, David Cox, Kevin Conway, Don Thompson, Keith Brown, David Bracegirdle, Bill Prior, Dianne Lucas, Sharor Debono.
L to R Second Row
Bruce Ince, Robin-Anne Ball, Belinda Buchanan, Mandy Langley, Jenefer Simons, Robin Williams, Tracey Carruthers, Donna Riseley, Kathy Bowers, Steve Taylor.
L to R Front Row
John O’Sullivan, Bert Simons, Delma Sands, Mrs Julie Watkins, Mr Dennis Watkins (Vice Principal), Dr Alan Meers (Principal), Mrs Margaret Meers, Maureen Ambler, Ivan Kippin, Kerri McLernon.