Class of 1989


1st Year
Julie Brown, John Clinch, Ann Cottam, Andrew Cunningham, Corinna Grant, Stuart Harris, Joanne Harris, Michael Hasleby, John Hutchinson, Beverley Jones, Snug Yong Lee, Moses Lee, Heather Newton, Belinda Offer, Cheryl Otten, Craig Otten, Raymond Richard, Nathan Ruan, Neal Sambell, Julie Shipp, John Sojka, Stephen Su, Tracy Thompson, Sylvia Thompson, Glen Trewenack, Denis Vlasich & Isaac Zhao.

2nd Year
Victor Booth, Dinah Breese, Geoffrey Brewin, Jodie Fowler, Kerry Griffiths, Browyn Harding, Harley Hayward, Wendy Hollingsworth, Dianne Leathard, Bradley Parker & Michelle Shinoda.

3rd Year
Garry Cowley & Marisa Dallamora.

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