If you were a student during this time, or know someone who was, we’d love to have your contributions. Either leave a comment below, or contact us.


1st year

Leonard Anthony,  Glenn Bergsma,  Hans Bergasma,  Anthony Bradley,  Kathleen Budden,  Susan Bulkeley,  David Cohen,  Rhonda Coller,  Kenneth Doran,  Stephen Fosteon,  David Hill,  Diane Kay,  Catherine Morris,  Tien Nguyen,  Evan Ramsden,  Bruce Stuart,  Lee Skyes,  Peter Taylor,  Robert Thomas,  Tam Tran,  David Underwood

2nd year

Joe Cacic,  Stephen Desilva,  Andrew Duris, Paul Gordon,  Jong-il Kim,  Martha Lee,  Craig Riggo,  Mark Roussel,  Beverly Skipper,  Mark Spivey,  Bob Teoh

3rd year

Linda Bridgeman,  Bevan Griggs,  Sheryl Keyte,  Carolyn Pett