Class of 2000


1st Year
Pino Alessi, Russell Bone, Elizabeth Buchanan, Peter Campbell, Nathan Coleman, Adrienne Croll, William Cunningham, David Drage, Shelly Drage, Lindsay Ferguson, Luke Gibson, Timothy Goodwill, Hendra Gunawan, Andrea Gregory, Philip Hanrahan, Ashley Hay, Tony Kemp, Cindy Kersten, Alison Meyer, Lester Murray, Jillian Pilkington, Chad Power, Andrew Rigg, Christijana So, Goon Sumlut, Kim Tan, Peter Woolward & Victoria Woolard.

2nd Year
Mark Bowley, Aaron Bradfield, Melissa Castle, Julie Cho, Timothy Danes, Marwin Fang, Betty Fong, Melissa Gabrielson, Geum-Young Hwang, Heung-Boem Lee, Paul Lockyer, Brett Muhlhan, Kathryn Muhlhan, Max Mumbi, Marion Shoosmith, Gome Simfukwe, Sarah Soon, Shannon Staton, Robin Tocknell, Matthew Vu, Louise Waudby, David Williams & Linda Yung.

3rd Year
Mark Bolton, Zoe Chan, Andrew Choy, Joy David, Stephen Emonson, Amy Hacket, Paul Koo, Nyuk Moi Lee, Natalie Mullen, Graham Parkinson, Joseph Siddons, Alex Sithu, Neil Williams & Young-Shin Yoon.

4th Year
Brendon Gifford, Kathryn Hoh, Louise Jackson, Joseph Kim, Fui Tshun Ku, David Lander, Jae Su Lee, Charles Osborne, David Smith & Richard Webster.

If you were a student during this time, or know someone who was, we’d love to have your contributions. Either leave a comment below, or contact us.

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