Share the Vision

God has greatly blessed the ministry of Perth Bible College over recent years and we are very conscious of the need for on-going development of our campus facilities. We have launched the ‘Embracing the Vision’ programme which has as its central aim the strengthening and expansion of our support base and the vital on-going ministry of PBC.

We value very deeply the members of the Christian public who pray for the College and who provide practical and financial support to our ministries; we want to acknowledge the significant contributions of our alumni, who have been the essential source for our student body over the 83 years of the life of the College and who continue to be a vital part of our life. We want to recognise the central roles played by present and past staff, the Management Board, the Academic Council and special committees. We want to involve the present student body as a most important component of the work. The strengthening of the support base will involve the acknowledgement and encouragement of past and present supporters, the re-engagement of some past supporters with whom we have lost effective contact and the expansion of our base amongst the Christian public.

The initial thrust of the project is the expansion of our accommodation capacity through the addition of six new 3×1 self-contained student units. Our on-campus accommodation has always been a feature of College life. Campus accommodation has many advantages for students:

  • It allows students to experience community life which for many is a valuable part of ministry formation.
  • It provides affordable accommodation for students who are on a limited budget.
  • It allows students who come from the country, from interstate, or overseas to come to the college without the headache of needing to find accommodation in a strange city.

This building project will bring the number of units available for student accommodation up to 24. We are blessed with a wonderful piece of land which allows for this expansion.

The project is not confined to accommodation only. The enrichment of our site facilities is also vital in our planning, especially in view of the potential of steadily increasing student numbers and ranges of courses. We will certainly need to provide expanded and enhanced teaching, research resources, distance learning and administrative support facilities.

We are also very conscious of our obligation to provide responsible financial management of our considerable assets. The building program of the six new units will become financially self-supporting within 12 months and, depending on the response to ‘Embracing the Vision’, will produce income for the College to move into the other vital aspects of development.